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Current Availability (as of [today]): Your Solo Ad Will Go Out Within  72 Hours of Purchase!

Description: Your solo ad will go to my list of folks that are 100% interested in Internet Marketing, i.e. making money with their own online business.  My list was built through the very highest quality solo ad purchases, ad swaps, and buyers of my own products.   Your ad will also be going to my buyers list as well!

Over Delivery: My goal is to always over deliver, typically by as much as 20%.

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While you are welcome to submit a swipe with your URL, I reserve the right to change the swipe in part or in its entirety to ensure it is consistent with the style of my emails to my list and to ensure the clicks are delivered to you as ordered.



“WOW! What an Awesome solo by Jagat. He is the real deal I ordered 100 clicks and he had them to me in just 2 days with 79 overdelivers. My squeeze page converted at 66% ! So with my 100 clicks solo ad I got 118 opt ins. 118 opt ins when I only paid for 100 clicks. Jagat I will be doing business with you for a long time to come thanks Buddy!”

Tony Behnk  Tony Behnk

Where I sent the traffic: https://tr103.infusionsoft.com/go/access2/tbehnk/  

Where I sent the traffic: https://tr103.infusionsoft.com/go/30daychallenge/tbehnk/  


“I bought 2 more 100 click solo ads from Jagat and the first one was 133 clicks, 68 opt-ins, 51.13%. And the second one did 135 clicks, 67 opt-ins, 49.65%.
If you are looking for a quality solo seller Jagat is your man..”

  Bill Ulbrik

Where I sent the traffic: http://billulbrik.com/gifts/MiniSiteDesign/  

Where I sent the traffic: http://billulbrik.com/gifts/UltMakingMoneyCourse/index1.html  


“Thanks for the great solo Jagat. I ordered 50 Clicks and got 10% over delivery and a 42% optin! Great solo and will
use him again! Rose.”

Rose Woolf capture  Rose Wollf

Where I sent the traffic: http://createmoneytoday.com/cash/ 


“I ordered 100 clicks solo ad from Jagat. He told me that it would be
possible to take up to 72 hours for delivery to complete. But, I was
extremely surprised when after 24 h I received 130 unique clicks and
a conversion rate oh 41.53%.
Great job Jagat. Thanks … Look forward to buy another one from you.”

SV-AS10 ImageData  Carmen Apostoiu

Where I sent the traffic: http://www.marketingwithcarmen.com/gifts/facebookfortune/ 


“Jagat offers a great solo. I was pleasantly surprised on
how responsive his list was. I ordered 50 clicks and
He over-delivered on clicks over 15% and i even received 2 sales.
I would definitely recommend him as a solo seller and will be
using his services on a regular basis.”

Kris_Waters   Kris Waters

Where I sent the traffic: http://solos.watersonlinemarketing.com/ 


‘I bought a 100 click solo from Jagat and within 24 hours I received 141 unique clicks and I got a 46.81% conversion rate. I look forward to buying another one soon.. Thanks Jagat.”

  Bill Ulbrik

Where I sent the traffic: http://billulbrik.com/gifts/UltMakingMoneyCourse/index1.html 


‘I’ve had a lot of dealings with Jagat, and I know him to be a man of integrity who runs his business actually caring for the folks he deals with.  I cannot recommend his Solo Ad Service highly enough.  I would, and I am, doing more business with Jagat.”

  Daniel Falk

Where I sent the traffic: http://www.supersoniclistprofits.com 


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Thank you for your business – I treat every order as I would want mine to be treated!


Jagat Raj

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